Stewing Steak (1lb)


The most common cuts of beef sold as braising (or stewing) steak include chuck, skirt, leg and flank – all hardworking muscles that are tough and need long, slow cooking. In return these fairly inexpensive cuts will reward you with a rich, unctuous dish that’s full of deep flavour. Look for a good marbling of fat through the meat, as well as some layers of fat or connective tissue – these will break down during cooking and add flavour. Stewing beef is often sold ready-diced into fairly small pieces which will break down almost completely during cooking

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A generic term for several cuts of beef that suit long, slow cooking.

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Meat Glazes

No flavouring, Chinese, Garden mint, Hot n spicy, BBQ, Piri Piri, Tandoori, Tikka, Jamaican jerk, Cajun, Pepper steak, Garlic butter, Lemon pepper, Salt and cracked black pepper, Chinese salt and pepper, Chip shop curry, Chip shop gravy, Chinese curry


Chinese salt and pepper, Portuguese hot piri piri, Spicy thai curry, Jamaican jerk, Spicy Cajun, Garden mint and chilli, Hot n spicy southern fried coater


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