Lamb Leg and Fillet (1kg)


Leg of lamb is great roasted whole on the bone, or boned and barbecued. It’s a fairly lean muscle, so take care not to overcook it, or else it could end up quite dry. Can be bought as half or whole.

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Product Description

Like the shoulders, the legs of a lamb work hard, which means that this cut has a good, strong flavour.

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Meat Glazes

No flavouring, Chinese, Garden mint, Hot n spicy, BBQ, Piri Piri, Tandoori, Tikka, Jamaican jerk, Cajun, Pepper steak, Garlic butter, Lemon pepper, Salt and cracked black pepper, Chinese salt and pepper, Chip shop curry, Chip shop gravy, Chinese curry


Chinese salt and pepper, Portuguese hot piri piri, Spicy thai curry, Jamaican jerk, Spicy Cajun, Garden mint and chilli, Hot n spicy southern fried coater


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